Replacement parts

Replacement parts and hardware for Buildman™ Drywall & Panel hoist

Model: I-BMDPL
Replacement parts
A Tripod lock kit (I-BMDPL901)
B Craddle & outrigger rubber caps (I-BMDPL906)
C Rubber washer & nut kit (I-BMDPL903)
D Handle kit (I-BMDPL025)
E Outrigger lock kit (I-BMDPL904)
F Panel support hook kit (I-BMDPL905)
G Locking pin (I-CAS5PIN)
H Caster (I-C1CAS6)
I Bipod brake foot kit (I-BMDPL902)
J Brake handle rubber Cap (I-BMDPL029)

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