Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Why use aluminum scaffolding?
Aluminum scaffolds have many uses:
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Used in sanitary and food environment.
Why use fiberglass scaffolding?
Fiberglass scaffolds have many uses:
  • Non-conducting
  • Lightweight & inert
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Ideal for: Electric substation, chemical environment, computer rooms…
What is a base-to height ratio?
This ratio is given by standards: CSA, ANSI, OSHA.
This ratio changes depending on the region in which the scaffolding is used. It gives the minimum width that the scaffolding base must have depending on the platform height. Without anchoring, the platform height must not exceed 3 times (or 4 depending on the applicable standard) the width of the smallest base.

For example:
In figure below, the width of the smallest base is X. So, the maximum platform height is 3 x X (or 4 x X depending on the region).

What is the life span of our scaffolds?
There is no life span because each user has his own way of using and maintaining his equipment. However, the assembly instructions and standards must be respected.

An inspection must be done before each use.

Equipment inspection instructions are available in the assembly instructions or on our website under the product’s heading.
What is the warranty of our products?
The warranty of all our products is 1 year. A section is dedicated to the guarantee on our website, here is the link: .

The warranty does not cover damages caused by improper maintenance, abuse or modification of the product.
At what height the use of a guardrail is mandatory?
ANSI and OSHA standards say that a guardrail is mandatory when the platform height is 10 feet (3 m) or more. The CSA standards say that a guardrail is required if the platform height is 8 feet or more. (The height may change depending on the applicable standard).

Different standards may apply in different regions. Always respect local standards.

Metaltech recommends the use of a guardrail even for work under 8′.

Exterior Scaffolding
Can the aluminum platforms with plywood deck be used with the multi-position ladders (E-MTL series)?
No, this platform cannot be installed on the multi-position ladder. It is made to be used with exterior scaffolding.

Platforms to use with the multi-position ladders are the telescoping work planks: M-PEP7000AL, M-PEP7100AL, M-PEP7200AL.
Can we climb on the cross brace?
No, you cannot climb on the cross brace.
With which frames can the leveling jack be used?
All Metaltech frames and arches with their upright’s having an outside diameter of 1,69″ or 1,625″ are compatible with the leveling jacks whose codes start with M-MBSJ
Which leveling jack can be used with light duty frames?
The light duty frames, those whose code starts with LD-LD and whose upright’s outer diameter is 1.25 ” are compatible with the leveling jack LD-LDBJP24.
How wide can the M-MF60EPS be adjusted?
The M-MF60EPS frame can be locked at 36″ or 60″ wide. It cannot be locked between these two positions.

Interior Scaffolding
When assembling a Jobsite Series 6′ Baker (I-CISC) and its 39″ extension (I-ISEX4PPNCAS), do we have to install a guardrail (I-CISGRJP)?
Yes, a guardrail must be installed.

Standards say that a guardrail is required if the platform height is 8′ or more for CSA standard and 10′ or more for ANSI & OSHA standards (this value can change depending on the local standards).

Metaltech recommends the use of a guardrail even for a I-CISC without its extension, even if standards do not require it.
Can we stack Jobsite Series 6′ Baker (I-CISC)?
Yes, it is possible to stack up to three units one on top of the other.
  • When stacking 2 units, a guardrail (I-CISGRJP) and the 14″ outriggers (I-CISO4) must be installed.
  • When stacking 3 units, a guardrail (I-CISGRJP) and the 46″ outriggers (I-CISO4TT) must be installed.
Can we stack four Jobsite Series 6′ Baker (I-CISC)?
No, we cannot install four units high. However, we can install 3 I-CISC units high in addition to the 39″ extension (I-ISEX4PPNCAS). 46″ outriggers (I-CISO4TT) must be used & installed at 45°. A guardrail (I-CISGRJP) must also be installed.
Can the Jobsite Series 6′ Baker (I-CISC) be installed in stairways?
Yes, you just have to adjust the brace that support the platform, so it is horizontal. Each end can adjust separately every 2″ to be used in stairways. Remove casters when using on stairs.
Does the scaffolding tower (I-T3CISC) come with platform with trap door?
No, this tower contains platform without trapdoor.
With which product the leveling jacks (I-IBSJP12H4) can be used?
These leveling jacks are used with interior scaffolding. They are compatible with:
  • I-CISC
  • I-BMSS
  • I-CISCH1
What is the maximum reach of the drywall panel lift (I-IDPL)?
The maximum reach is 11′ (3,35 m.)
What is the maximum reach of the Buildman drywall panel lift (I-BMDPL)?
The maximum reach is 14′ 5″ (4,39 m).
If the scaffold is facing a wall, can we use only two outriggers?
If the scaffolding is facing a wall, it is possible to use only 2 outriggers installed on the opposite side of the wall. However, it may be necessary to use the 46″ outriggers (I-CISO4TT) to make sure you respect the ratio between the smallest width of the base and the height of the scaffold.
Are the Jobsite Series 6′ Baker (I-CISC) & the Jobsite Series Perry style (I-CISCPY) compatible?
No, these two scaffolds are not compatible.